Getting a tattoo in another language is always a risk. I once met a bartender whose tattoo was supposed to say "yellow," but, as my Jordanian friend pointed out, actually said "I take a lot of drugs." True story.

You should obviously triple check that whatever tattoo you're getting is properly spelt, down to the dots and accents (google translating it doesn't count). Ideally, you'd check in with people who actually speak that language. In the age of instant communication, there are no excuses anymore about not having the resources to check spelling and grammar.

And yet, mispelled tattoos are still popping up left and right. Case in point: Ariana Grande.

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TL;DR Ariana Grande got a tattoo that says "Japanese Style BBQ Grill," not "7 Rings," and the Twitter reactions are priceless.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Ariana Grande posted a photo of her new tattoo — a palm tattoo with Japanese script that was supposed to say "7 rings." The tattoo is a reference to her group of 6 close friends, who have all allegedly worn rings since her breakup with fiancé Pete Davidson. It also is the title of her new single.

Japanese fans were quick to point out that the tattoo does not mean what she thought it did. One tweet has blown up in the last 12 hours.

People's reactions are priceless. My favourite part of this is the memes people are pulling out. This one really stands out as hilarious:

And I'm just gonna leave this reply here:

She later tweeted to explain what had happened. According to Grande, the pain was too intense for her to continue. She goes on to say that she loves BBQ grills, so she is ok with what her tattoo currently says. That tweet has since been deleted.

Relatable QUEEN, because who doesn't love a good Japanese BBQ grill. 

What do you think of this mispelling? Is this a fortunate accident, or a stupid mistake?


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