Ariana Grande is not only perhaps one of the most talented singers of our generation, but also an unapologetic feminist. Much of her music, for example, focuses on the empowerment of women and the free expression of emotion and sexuality. 

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TL;DR After Ariana Grande tweeted her response to Piers Morgan's criticism of Little Mix, fans took to social media to express their absolute shock.

In her public appearances and statements, too, she makes a point to defend and promote other female artists.

So, naturally, when Piers Morgan accused members of Little Mix of employing their sexualities only to sell records, Grande had something to say.

What followed were four tweets that will go down in history:

There has never been such an elegant and iconic drag.

Naturally, fans had thoughts:


Fans were absolutely shocked, to say the least.



Who could endure such a public takedown?

Ariana is on a mission to rid the world of sexism.

Stay tuned.



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