Last week, some intriguing Netflix rumors began circulating the internet like wildfire. All the sci-fi techno-thriller aficionados out there who we're impatiently waiting for the next season of Black Mirror to be released. found out that they won't have to wait much longer for new nail-biting Black Mirror content.

Via various Tweets, articles, and Instagram posts, it appeared as though Netflix would be dropping a very special and unique 90-minute long Black Mirror episode on December 28th. Although these we're just rumors last week, we can confirm as of today, that they are very true!

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The newest Black Mirror episode just dropped. It's called "Bandersnatch" and its unlike anything you've ever seen on Black Mirror, or even Netfilx.

Via youtube

That's because Bandersnatch is a "choose your own adventure" style story. Yes, like the book you enjoyed as a kid, but in TV form, you can actually tell the characters what to do, and ultimately dictate how the events of the episodes will unfold. Exciting!

The episode follow  the story of nerdy teenager Stefan who sets out to turn a multiple-choice science-fiction book by the same name “Bandersnatch” into a computer game that also presents the player with a series of choices. 

Via youtube

Of course, there's a spooky twist to the story, as early on in the episode the viewer learns that the original author of the “Bandersnatch” book slowly lost his mind and spiraled into psychosis while writing the book. Which ended in the killing of his wife. 

Bandersnatch comes with five possible endings. If you take the simplest route, it will be over in around 40-minutes. However, the average viewing time is about 90-minutes. 

Via youtube

The one catch is that the new "choose your own adventure" format might not work on older devices such as older Apple TVs or Smart TVs. 

Netflix has an official "help" page here, where you can verrify if your device is updated and adapted to stream "interactive content."

That said, watch the full Bandersnatch trailer below!

To watch the full episode click HERE.



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