Céline Dion is a queen. A diva. The diva.

The singer from Quebec exudes self confidence and mastery of her person. Her commanding presence is awe-inspiring and her charm melts hearts. Now 50, Céline seems to have totally embraced her legendary status while remaining true to her roots.

She has absolutely no time for haters. When confronted with rumours that she and her best friend and backup danger Pepe Munoz, for example, she deftly shut them down.

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TL;DR Speaking to Dan Wootton, Céline said that she feels "strong" and "sexy" and told body shamers to leave her alone. See the full quotation below.

Céline has also stepped up her style in recent years. Opting for sculptural, colourful, high fashion (even sometimes delightfully kooky) suits and slinky dresses, she appears statuesque. This woman emanates power.

So it's no surprise that Céline also had a brilliant reaction to body-shamers this week. In her latest style era, some critics have judged the shape of her body, thinking that she appears too slim, even sickly, according to le Journal de Montréal.

In response, she told Dan Wootton of The Dan Wootton Interview that she feels "strong, beautiful, fearless, feminine, attractive." 

To her critics she said, "if you like it, I'll be there. If you don't, just leave me alone."

After dropping that bomb of a response, the singer said she didn't want to further discuss the matter.

"I'm the boss," she later said.

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She is an inspiration to us all. If we love and are comfortable in our bodies, we shouldn't pay any mind to critics.



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