Drake has been making headlines since yesterday, and no he didn't do anything (too) scandalous.

Apparently, the Internet is losing their minds because he tipped a couple McDonald's employees in Los Angeles.

The reason for all the stir is the mysterious quantity of the tip... but also... Drake at McDonald's.

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TL;DR Drake showed up to a McDonald's the other night and tipped two employees very generously. Reports vary on whether the tip was $100 or $10,000, but in both cases, Twitter reactions were priceless. Check it out below.

Here's some super hyped footage of the exchange:

Now, this tweet claims that the tip was $10,000, but a PR company that works for McDonald's is claiming that the tip was only $100 each.

Either way, people on Twitter, both Drake fans and foes, had a lot of feelings about the tipping.

Mainly the theme was... what would you do if you were faced with Drake (or another known millionaire) entering your McDonald's?

This person literally asked people on Twitter to send their reactions, and they were so good.

I'm actually crying.

CLEARLY, the ladies love Drake.

Or they're just being real with how starstruck they would be — because honestly who wouldn't be?!

Even people who don't work at McDonald's were chiming in.

If I thought I could get $100 tips on a regular basis, I'd apply to McD's, too.

Some people couldn't help but make fun of the rapper for being at McDonald's at all...

But honestly, we've all been there. It's 4 AM. There's nothing else open. And those fries are just too good.

Some people were legit disappointed to find out that he hadn't actually tipped $10,000 to each of the workers.

When they found out that the McDonald's workers had only received $100 each, people on Twitter were quick to joke that he's maybe a little tight-fisted. 

Some people even brought up Drake's new son.

Like... save some of that cash for the college fund, Papi.

Other McDonald's employees were pretty disappointed to find out the whole thing had gone down, and they had missed the whole thing.

Imagine finding out Drake was at your work last night throwing around money, and you were at home playing X-Box.

Some sensible people were smart enough to note — $100 is better than nothing!

Especially if it comes with the priceless story of meeting and making burgers for Drake.

And the less cynical people in the crowd were quick to note that it was actually quite generous.

Drake has been known to be quite generous with his riches on more than one occasion, so while this is amazing, it's not actually that surprising.

Others took the opportunity to call out McDonald's.

Not that the fast-food chain had much to do with the incident, but why not take the chance to knock them down a peg, right?

Even more interesting is the theory that Drake did give the girls 10 grand each but they're keeping it on the down-low...

Which makes total sense to me.

What would you do if Drake showed up at your work?

Now that I know he gives such good tips, I'd lie to through my teeth saying that I've been a fan since day 1, do some Drake dances... anything!


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