Instagram influencer Jessy Taylor has been caught having a bit of a meltdown online, after finding out that her Instagram account had been suspended this past weekend.

The world of employment has drastically changed, even from the days when we were out looking for our first jobs in high school. The realm of self-employment is now bigger than ever, and social media has played a huge part in that. 

This is why Taylor was having such a hard time dealing with the shutdown of what was undeniably one of her biggest revenue streams.

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TL;DR Instagram and YouTube "influencer" Jessy Taylor has gone viral for publishing a video of herself having a meltdown on YouTube. Her reaction was a result of her Instagram being shut down after countless users reported her for spam.

In the video, Taylor explains, "I am nothing without my following." Which couldn't be more true.

While for many of us, if our Instagram accounts were shut down, we'd just open a new one and tell our friends what happened.

But with someone who has accrued hundreds of thousands of followers to a platform, they know a following of that size doesn't return overnight. 

In fact, how many of those followers would actually choose to follower her again, if they had to go and actually hit the "Follow" button again? It's hard to say and also very unlikely that she would see a 100% return. 

"I make all of my money online, all of it. And I don't want to lose that. And I know that people like to see me be down, and be like them, and be like the 90 percenters, the people who work 9-5. I am in L.A. to not be like that."

The reason for the suspension of her account is still unclear, but whether Instagram removed Taylor for racism or spam, she's been forced to open a new account that definitely doesn't have the hundred thousand followers she previously relied on for income.

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