With today being April Fool's Day, restaurant chains and franchises around the world will take a jab at pranking their customers. Although some of these hysterical pranks can go pretty well, with everyone having a laugh, some have already gone terribly wrong.

With one pretty prominent restaurant chain already outraging customers around the world for their apparently not-so-funny practical joke, maybe they should just leave the April Fool's Day festivities to the professionals.

In case you didn't know, McDonald's Australia posted their joke to both Instagram and Facebook this Monday, announcing the release of a brand new "McPickle" Burger.

For pickle lovers, their dream come true was just a prank, leading to crowds of super angry customers.

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TL;DR McDonald's Australia announced the official release of their new "McPickle Burger" this morning. Customers around the world responded with praise and excitement before the fast food chain revealed that it was just an April Fool's Day prank. People have been responding in outrage since, demanding that the "McPickle" become real. More details below.

The official Instagram post showcases a video of the brand new "McPickle" Burger, which some people surprisingly find appealing. The caption that follows the video explains that it's the news all pickle lovers have been waiting for.

@mcdonaldsauembedded via  

The caption continues to explain the ingredients in the burger: "It’s time to tuck into juicy, flavoursome pickles layered between melted cheese, ketchup sauce, and toasted sesame seed buns."

Many fans of the fast food chain quickly responded with excitement. That was until McDonald's Australia followed up their post with the comment "Available until yesterday."

This is when people started to get pretty angry:

Seriously, it looks like people really need a McPickle Burger in their life.

In case you were really hoping this new burger wasn't fake, you can still technically order it at McDonald's to get your pickle fix:

Who knows, maybe all of the outrage will end up with McDonald's actually releasing the McPickle Burger. Until then, enjoy the rest of the April Fool's Day pranks to come!


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