We all know that dating can be a real disaster, and sometimes the best thing you get out of the horrible experience is a great story, and sometimes you can use that story for a casting call.

If you have an epic story to tell and are 18 years or older, eBOSS Canada wants to hear it and pay you $400 to share it with the world.

Do you have a disaster dating story you love to tell at parties?

eBOSS Canada

Larue Entertainment is asking individuals or couples to share their "dynamic, funny, elaborate, and outrageous" dating stories.

This will all be for a new series called True Dating Stories, which airs on CBC Gem.

And, they're looking to cast all over Canada and the USA, which means us Montrealers can share our horrible, yet entertaining experiences, while monetizing off of it.

If you have no shame in your dating game and are secretly on the hunt for your five-minutes of fame, then be sure to apply ASAP.

eBOSS Canada
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