Netflix has a long history of sneaking in Easter eggs onto their website.

In the past they've added overly detailed categories such as "Movies And TV Shows About Seriously Pissed Off Wives".

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TL;DR Type in "Excelsior" in Netflix's search bar to reveal all the Movies and TV shows related to Stan Lee. 

They also had a 20 minute show that was just bacon cooking on a loop.

They had PSA's to remind binge-watchers to go to work.

And there was that one time when every category was somehow related to John Stamos, such as "Horror Movies that give John Stamos the Heebie-Jeebies"

But now Netflix may have just released their most heartfelt Easter egg yet. It's a tribute to the legendary Stan Lee who passed away last week.

If you type in Stan Lee's famous expression "Excelsior!" in the search bar, Netflix will bring up every single movie and TV shows that were influenced by Stan Lee.

We tried it ourselves and it actually works (Although sometimes it only works if you type in "excelsior" without the "!")

Right now there are over 22 tv shows and movies related to Stan Lee on Netflix Canada!



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