Let's face it: no one wants to be outside today. It's time to stay inside snuggled under the blankets with a nice cup of tea in hand. 

To accompany your cozy night, we've put together a list of movies perfect for rainy days. These movies are beautiful, gripping and nostalgic — exactly what you need to forget about the dreary weather outside.

So, cancel on your friends and head straight home for a quiet movie night. You know that it's what you really want to do anyways.

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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile

What: This dark new movie about the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, played by Zac Efron, is perfect against the backdrop of a rainy Friday night. Watch it alone to get spooked or have some friends over so you can share in the horror.

Watch it now.

Blue Planet II

What: Blue planet is a show that covers about all aspects of our planet's waters, whether they be rivers, frozen seas or (my favourite) the deep ocean. On a day when rain is all around us, it's nice to escape to another part of the globe.

Watch it now.

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The Attic

What: This horror flick is the perfect things for a gray spring evening. The film follows a live-in nurse who suspects that the house of her employer, an elderly lady, may be haunted. A spooky must-watch.

Watch it now.

Get Out

What: This list is heavy on horror movies and thrillers because it's the best thing on these ominous nights. Get Out was just added to Netflix, and if you haven't seen this movie, directed by Jordan Peele, you have to. 

Watch it now.

La La Land

What: Beautiful cinematography? Check. Compelling plotlines? Check. Catchy songs? Check. This movie will make you laugh, cry and sing along. Also, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have great on-screen chemistry.

Watch it now.

Loving Vincent

What: This movie is beautiful, both aesthetically and in content. Netflix describes it like so: "Rendered in the style of the beloved Dutch master, this animated biopic recounts the tortured last days of Vincent Van Gogh." 

Watch it now.

Wine Country

What: This movie stars Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. It follows friends who go on a "weekend getaway" to wine country. Of course, chaos ensues. You can read more about it here.

Watch it now.


What: This creepy movie is technically a kid's movie, but let me tell you that my twelve-year-old self found it plenty scary back then. It doesn't exactly have the same effect now, but it's still a fun way to set the mood on this gloomy day.

Watch it now.

The Imitation Game

What: This movie about Alan Turing, a famed mathematician who helped the British government during World War II, is thrilling and heartbreaking. You'll be glued to the screen until the very end.

Watch it now.

Paris Is Burning

What: This documentary is an honest portrayal of the world of drag in Harlem during the 1980s. Laugh, cry and wonder at the strength of the people the documentary follows.

Watch it now.


What: Rainy days have me feeling nostalgic, and nothing says "nostalgia" like Matilda, the classic children's movie about a girl with telekinetic powers. I didn't realise this was on Netflix, and now I'm excited to go home and watch it ASAP.

Watch it now.

Good Will Hunting

What: This feel-good movie, starring Robin Williams and Matt Damon, follows a young prodigy and his mentor. Damon, playing a janitor who is also a math genius, has to confront his issues.

Watch it now.


What: You know you want to re-watch this movie, set in the gray, rainy city of Forks. Enjoy re-watching Bella and Edward's romance, and how it flourishes despite the odds.

Watch it now.

Mona Lisa Smile

What: This is one of my favourite Julia Roberts movies. Roberts stars as the rebellious teacher who works at a prestigious, girls-only university. The young teacher is determined to break convention and teach the girls about what it means to be an independent woman in the 1950s.

Watch it now.

Lady Bird

What: Lady Bird is a lovely coming-of-age story as well as an exploration of mother-daughter dynamics. I laughed hysterically and cried just as hard. Not to mention that there's something nostalgic about the film's script and cinematogrophy which makes it perfect for a day like this.

Watch it now.

St Vincent

What: This movie follows a lonely young boy who befriends a war veteran. It's a beautiful story about friendship that defies the boundary of age. A nostalgic, feel-good, must-watch.

Watch it now.

That's my list of recommendations for this gray, rainy evening. Don't forget to pick up some snacks on the way home and enjoy a cozy night in.

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