If you're a fan of teen comedies and edgy coming-of-age tales like Big Mouth and Atypical, you'll love Netflix's brand new series Sex Education. This show stars a cast of brilliant young actors depicting a gang of high school characters who prove to be much deeper than their superficial and trope-like packaging.

There's a varsity jacket-wearing jock who's the star of the student body, a gang of perfectly bitchy mean girls that terrorize the school, a rebellious punk girl with badly died pink hair, a sassy gay best friend — and of course, the protagonist, an awkward sensitive boy who just can't seem to get it right with any girls. 

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TL;DR Netflix's new British comedy series "Sex Education" is being praised for its originality and challenges to stereotypes. The show has attracted a great deal of attention and fans from all over the world. 

These characters seemingly embody standard high school archetypes, but as the story develops, we learn that there's more than meets the eye.

The "jock," "the mean girl," and "the geeky outcast" are all quietly fighting an internal battle against their prescribed label. Which is an internal conflict we can all relate to, even if your high school years are long gone.

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The show really strikes an emotional chord, all the while staying light and funny — afterall, it is a comedy. As a result, the show has recieved a ton of positive attention from critics and audiences.

The Guardian's official TV review gave it four out of five stars and called it "a rare thing" and "effortlessly funny." Moreover, the show has already earned itself a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

When turning to Twitter for the real and unedited audience feedback, it's instantly apparant that the themes of this show have transcended cultures, as Tweets are popping up in all languages. 

From Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, even Japanese, everyone is raving about this show.

Be warned, though, you may not want to watch this with your parents.

If you havn't watched it already, let Sex Education be your Netflix homework for the week. Check out the full trailer below!


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