Part of a slew of new releases on Netflix, Dating Around was released yesterday. Yes, on Valentine's Day. I see you Netflix...

The show follows five New York hopefuls looking for love. The approach is a fresh new take on the reality dating show and it does its best to be as inclusive as possible, an attempt they achieve, in my books.

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TL;DR Netflix released its own blind-date reality TV show on Valentine's Day — and people on Twitter have some serious opinions about alllllll the matches. Scroll down to get the 4-1-1 on all the daters and their matches... and mismatches.

The show's premise is that each episode focuses on one person who goes on five blind dates. At the end of each episode, we get to see which of the five people they decided to ask on a second date.

The first episode focuses on a handsome man named Luke who works in real estate and is looking for something meaningful. 

Needless to say, he's a good looking dude and while all "reality" dating shows have a hint of cringe to them, Luke's dates weren't that bad. My only real criticism is that every single girl he met up with seemed infinitely more interesting than him. Call it editing.

The second dater is a 36-year-old divorcee named Gurki. Coming from a Punjabi heritage, she eventually ended her marriage after realizing that perhaps she had gone along with it for so long because of societal pressure.

This episode got the most attention on Twitter by far because of the way one of the dates ended.

I won't ruin it for you but I'm sure you get the idea from these tweets...

Luckily the episode ends on a very positive note for our girl, Gurki, and she even spoke about the whole incident recently with Refinery 29.

The third episode follows Lex, a production designer looking for his perfect man. 

Lex was definitely faced with some of the most interesting characters on the show, in my opinion, which makes it my second favourite episode of the series.

I was genuinely surprised by Lex's choice at the end of the episode, another reason why it was one of the best. He seems like such a solid human who had chemistry with a couple of the guys he went out with. (I think it simply came down to bedroom compatibility... @ me if I'm wrong.)

The fourth episode is without a doubt my absolute favourite. It follows Leonard, a Private Investigator who has lost his wife and is looking for someone to travel and spend time with.

I was also pretty surprised by Leonard's choice, but I also would bet real money that he stayed in touch with most of the ladies he went out with.

And I bet they all get together, drink martinis and have a screaming good time.

To be honest, I skipped the Sarah episode because I was so traumatized by Gorki's date that I just couldn't sit through any more of that kind of testosterone.

I did watch the introduction to her dates and then skip ahead to see who she chose, though, so I can confirm that she definitely picked my personal favourite and the least douchey of the bunch.

The final dater is a twenty-something-year-old woman, Mila, who works for Valentino, loves tattoos and has been a serial monogamous dater up until now.

A lot of people on Twitter are congratulating the show on their queer representation. The show does really try to include many different types of relationships which is commendable.

I'm interested to see if they will continue in this direction in future seasons.

Overall, if you like dating shows then Dating Around will likely be a great little binge for you this weekend. I'm generally not a fan and I didn't find it too difficult to watch.

I likely won't keep up with future seasons but I'm hopeful that the show will continue to represent people from all different sexual orientations, ages and walks of life!

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