On March 22, 2019 Netflix released the long-awaited part two of The OA. Needless to say, fans of the series were pretty overjoyed. Seriously, we've been waiting three whole years for part two to finally come out. 

So, you're probably wondering if the follow-up to the first season was well worth the wait? In short, viewers of the series are having quite the field day with that question.

In case you haven't watched the series (which you should definitely rectify this weekend), it follows a protagonist that has the ability to travel through dimensions, transforming into a different version of the same person each time.

Throughout the series you discover how inter-dimensional realities could exist, and you end up having some pretty major existential revelations.

Yes, it is that good of a show.

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TL;DR With the Netflix release of "The OA" part two earlier this week, many fans of the show have been venting their frustrations and sharing their existential crises on Twitter. Viewers seem overwhelmingly pleased. The reactions are hilarious.

For those of us that have already watched all 8 episodes of part two, the finale may have left you with many different emotions.

Confused, angry, shocked, anxious, the list goes on. It wasn't anything anyone could have expected, which is why Tweets from viewers sharing their thoughts on the finale could not get any better.

Many fans of the show are concerned with the fact that Netflix hasn't yet renewed it for a part three, despite the series' creators already having enough material for up to five seasons:

And the rest of us are just hoping we don't have to wait another three years for the next season.

Who else is ready for part three of "The OA" to release? Shout "on the verge of an existential crisis" with me!

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