It's no surprise that PETA is divisive, not only in their beliefs but also in their approach to sharing those beliefs.

But it seems they went tooooooo far when they chose  Steve Irwin's birthday to call out the famed animal lover for apparent harassment of animals.

And people all over the internet were NOT impressed. Check out some of the most hilarious and savage reactions below.

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TL;DR After a Steve Irwin doodle was present on Google for the Australian's birthday, PETA felt the need to call out Irwin's animal practices... which caused the entire rest of the Internet to call out PETA... big time. Reactions below.

This is the initial tweet that PETA sent out in reaction to the Google Doodle that was present on the search engine in celebration of Steve Irwin's birthday. 

They then reacted to the many responses with the following tweets.

Along with this tweet earlier on in the day, perhaps before they decided to call Irwin out by name.

The responses that people had for the PETA tweets were... less than understanding.

And many of them were more than a little hilarious.

Check out these reactions to the above tweets.

A lot of people couldn't help but call people out for ignoring the conservation efforts that Irwin put in place while alive, as well as the ongoing work his family does in his name.

Plus, many people grew up with Irwin and credit him with their ongoing love and respect for animals.

Not only were people reacting to the tweet on Twitter, but the whole thing spread to Reddit, as well.

And we all know, if it makes it to Reddit, the memes will come.

we must all unite to condemn PETA from r/dankmemes
FUCK PETA from r/dankmemes
We have to defend Steve Irwin's memory, PETA has gone too far. from r/memes

The overall response was complete disdain for the tweet and PETA in general.

People also called out the animal activist group for intentionally ignoring the message Irwin was always trying to send to his viewers.

I'm sure that PETA is entirely unphased by all of this, becasue they are used to receiving backlash for their extreme positions.

However, I do sympathize with Irwin's family. They were likely just trying to celebrate the loving and happy memory of Steve on his birthday and it's hard to imagine that wasn't overshadowed by the pointed PETA tweets and the subsequent response from a large online community.

At least we know that the online community stands behind Irwin and his family, so they have that to go on.

PETA, on the other hand, may have lost a couple of followers who might be vegan or vegetarian but also grew up appreciating animals in that way because of Irwin's programs.

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