The new season of Queer Eye dropped on Friday, March 15 and 8 brand new episodes are available on Netflix RIGHT NOW. It really is the soul-soothing, wholesome content that we've come to expect from Queer Eye.

From sisters who have spent too long helping others and forgotten to care for themselves, to an anxious soon-to-be father, Queer Eye made a lot of people's lives better this season, all while making us sob.

Of course, eagle-eyed fans spot every mistake the Fab Five make, and aren't afraid to clock the boys for all sorts of things. Below is a collection of the best tweets out there.

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TL;DR Below is a compilation of tweets from keen fans criticising the Fab Five for reasons ranging from the legitimate to the downright hilarious.

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who noticed this typo:

People are quick to point out Anthony's relatively small (useless?) role when compared to the others:

Come to think of it, Karamo gets a lot of the same criticism while Bobby does NOT get the recognition he deserves:

Some people are arguably suspicious about the hidden hotties that end up on the show:

Other fans have more valid critiques of the show:

It's hard to hear this rightful criticism though because the Fab 5 are precious gifts and we want to protect them at all costs.

The cast is constantly evolving and growing, and hopefully, this kind of stuff won't find its way into season 4.

Can we also talk about how emotional this season was? I was. NOT. READY.

Not to mention that I think the show is giving us all the confidence to be our best selves this week:

Go watch the show if you haven't already, and learn a thing or two!

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