Seems like Netflix has done it again. The new Black Mirror film was released on today and already Twitter is losing it with reaction gifs. 

The film is special in that it is "interactive," meaning that viewers are able to make choices throughout the film to impact the direction of the story. 

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TL;DR Netflix just released the new Black Mirror holiday special Bandersnatch and Twitter is losing it because the film is interactive and lets you choose what is going to happen next. Here are some of the best tweets...

The story is set in 1984 (likely not a coincidence) in England. It centers around a boy named Stefan who is a programmer.

Themes include free will and, as always with Black Mirror, a larger discussion about the impact of modern technology on our lives.

Netflix even gets meta with it, including themselves as a corporation in the fictional past.

Viewers are given 10 seconds to make a decision before a default decision is made for them.

The experience lasts, on average, around 90 minutes, though it can be all over in as few as 40 minutes.

The movie carries on much like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, where many choices can lead you to the same outcome, though there are several different endings.

Viewers were not prepared.

It gets trippy.

Good for us, because this means infinite Twitter reactions.

Apparently people on the Internet have banded together to try and find the best possible ending for the main character...

This move by Netflix could also mean a serious change in the way we watch TV forever...

There's no question that video games are a booming industry with a ton of potential. So to bring the two mediums of enterntainment toegther would mean serious dollars for Netflix.

Who knows what will come next?

Stay tuned.


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