If you aren't familiar with Toronto's Chair Girl, you must have been buried under two feet of snow the past couple days.

It's okay, you didn't miss much... and plus, we're here for the memes anyway.

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TL;DR Toronto's Chair Girl has given us one of the best new Canadian memes of all time. And we've compiled the best below...

The whole thing started when a video was posted to Facebook showing the Chair Girl, Marcella Zoia, throwing a patio chair off a balcony downtown Toronto.

The video above is a clip of the full incident. Everything below is just pure genius.

She has since been arrested and released on bail, which was set at $2000, according to CTV.

Charges against her are common nuisance, mischief endangering life and damage to property over $5,000.

As per her bail, the Instagram model is now living with her mother.

She is not allowed to have any contact with the "other parties named in the incident," she is prohibited from possessing a weapon or returning to the condo where the chair throwing occurred.

While there are several ghost accounts of her on Instagram, it appears that her original account has been deleted.

Her lawyer expressed that she was "embarrassed by what happened," according to CTV, and that "she wishes it never happened."

@matty.milliganembedded via  

The 19-year-old claims that she was peer-pressured by the other parties involved. 

Zoia's lawyer, Gregory Leslie, apparently hopes to avoid trial in the matter, though he acknowledges that the Crown as a strong case against her, considering the video evidence of the crimes.

We're allowed to laugh at the incident now because it appears that no one was injured.

But people are understandably pissed off, considered how badly someone could have been hurt if they had been walking below the balcony, or if the chair had hit a car windshield.

As hilarious as all these memes are... it seems we're giving her the attention she wants.

Most of her reactions to all the press are positive, she's smiling and cheerful while avoiding any discussion of the incident, which is likely part of her bail agreement.

Though many people in Toronto are understandably unimpressed with the whole thing.

To the point that she's ranking right up there with the guys that were caught shouting nonsense at female reporters in terms of most-despised Torontonians.


@jojowilderxoxembedded via  

At least the city of Toronto has learned a collective lesson about 1.) doing stupidly dangerous things and 2.) recording them on video and uploading them to Facebook for Internet clout.

We'll have to wait to see how the court rules, but I'm assuming they will make an example of her quickly to ensure other hooligans know better.


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