Meghan Markle has been part of the Royal Family for only 6 months now. The Duchess has been known to break Royal protocol when it comes to dressing. This isn't new news. 

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TL;DR  According to a source, the Royal fashion team has requested that Meghan revise some of her looks to dress more "like a Royal." After Meghan donned thigh-skimming hemlines and failed to wear a hat when she is supposed to, the Queen reportedly pointed out that Meghan's outfits look a little too "Hollywood" for her traditional taste. 

Looking at all the stunning and iconic outfits she donned on her recent Royal Tour Down Under has only proven that Meghan has graciously adopted a more sophisticated and "royal" look.

Or has she?

In our eyes – which are now accustomed to seeing mid-drift-bearing crop tops and Kim K lookalikes as the new standard for acceptable dressing – Meghan Markle's outfits appear polished and sophisticated, even conservative at times.

But in the eyes of the 92-year-old Queen, Meghan's outfits look a little too "Hollywood" for her taste. Afterall, the Queen's dressing standards come from a totally different era.

According to a source, the Royal fashion team has requested that Meghan revise some of her looks to dress more appropriately for her title.

The Queen has reportedly pointed out that Meghan wears black during non-mourning occassions and fails to wear a hat when she's supposed to. On multiple occassions, she shows off way too much leg for a Duchess. 

For example: this stunning and leggy black tuxedo dress from Canadian brand Judith & Charles that actually broke the internet. Those are two broken "rules" right there.

A more recent example: this epic, thigh-high slit on this beachy linen dress from California brand The Reformation worn on the Royal Tour.


@reformationembedded via  

The fact that none of these outfits are featured on any of Kensington Palace's official social media accounts is just further proof that the Royal Family frowns upon these looks.

All that to say, although the Queen disapproves, Meghan's fans, followers, and the general public overwhelmingly approve of her fresh "edgy Royal" look; the tuxedo dress and linen dress both received a great deal of positive feedback.

Not to mention, Meghan Markle has quite the pair of legs, it would be such a shame to hide them.

Ultimately, the "Meghan effect" is real. It looks like Meghan is actively re-writing and updating the Royal dress code for good.

Sorry Queen, it's about time.



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