Chris Pratt has recently shared a photo showing his new girlfriend, Katherine Schwarzenegger, sporting a huge new diamond on her left ring finger, announcing that they are now engaged.

And fans of the actor can't believe how quickly he's moved on after his divorce with his long-time partner, Anna Faris, who is also mother to their son, Jack Pratt.

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TL;DR Chris Pratt's engagement announcement to Katherine Schwarzenegger has caused quite a stir on Twitter. Fans are shocked at how soon after his divorce he proposed. They're also surprised to learn he's a hardcore Republican... who knew!? 

The engagement was announced late last night when Christ Pratt posted this picture on his Instagram...

Katherine Schwarzenegger reposted the image this morning with the caption, "My sweet love. Wouldn’t want to live this life with anyone but you." This looks like the first time Pratt has been featured on her Instagram...

They were likely keeping things on the down-low, considering how fresh Pratt's divorce to Anna Faris is.

Faris did make a point of congratulating the pair on their engagement, though.

However, despite Faris' diplomatic move, many people on Twitter are being far less forgiving...

A lot of people really think it's too soon for Pratt to be moving on.

While getting engaged with someone after less than a year together is pretty quick, we don't know how long his marriage with Faris was on the rocks before they made things public.

It's easy to feel bad for Anna Faris when her ex is so publicly moving on.

We have to hope Pratt reached out and gave her a heads up beforehand...

Considering they have a kid together, the likelihood is that Faris knew the seriousness of Pratt's relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger long before the rest of us.

Apparently, for some, that doesn't make it hurt any less...

Other people are taking this opportunity to deliver some beautiful memes featuring Christ Pratt's most beloved characters.

Like Andy on "Parks & Rec" or Starlord in The Avengers...

Another huge curveball this engagement threw at us was the fact that Pratt is apparently Republican and also a devout Christian.

What's unclear to me is whether he's found a connection to these groups after being with Schwarzenegger or he was keeping it on the down low for the entirety of his career...

I'm clearly not the only one who's surprised.

To be honest, I always kind of assumed he maintained the laidback hippie vibes of Ché from The O.C.

Just add this whole debacle to the list of romantically disappointing celebrity couples we've all fallen in love with and then had to get over.

It always stings a little when you realize that celeb you thought you knew so well turns out to be something entirely different.

All joking aside, if Katherine and Chris decide to have a kid, it will be related to the Kennedys and the Schwarzeneggers.

If that's not American royalty, it's at least Californian royalty. 

Chris' son with Anna Faris, Jack Pratt, must be pretty stoked about potentially meeting the Terminator at next Christmas.

And really, in this day and age, divorce is more and more common. So some people are chiming in to say, "get over it, Internet."

As long as everyone is happy and healthy, we might as well congratulate them and move on...

Until the wedding rolls around, of course...

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