When it comes to winter, Montrealers sure know how to celebrate. Better yet, we know how to celebrate in style—all while sipping cider, of course.

After all, what could be better than sipping on some homegrown deliciousness while enjoying the epic fun that is MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE?

This year, the SAQ will be hosting their 12th annual Mondial des Cidres SAQ from March 1 to 3 at the iconic MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE festival. AKA, this already iconic Montreal festival is about to turn from awesome to legit unmissable.

Via Le Mondial des Cidres SAQ

As in - you’re going to want to mark it in your calendars, because this weekend is going to be totally epic.

Think lots of lights, cider and—yep, you got it—even more cider. In fact, the event is bringing together some twenty local artisan cider-makers, so you can enjoy tastings from dawn to dusk (or just about, anyway).

We’re talking all types of cider from still to fire to ice, effervescent and rosé. This year, variety is definitely in Mondial des Cidres SAQ's vocabulary.

Via Le Mondial des Cidres SAQ

And as if things weren’t already ~awesome~ as is, this year Mondial des Cidres SAQ is seriously kicking it up a notch with gram-worthy food and cider pairings.

Think delicious, chef-inspired eats. Whether you’re enjoying a chic evening out or brunching with your besties, trust us when we say gastronomy doesn’t get much better than this.

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Cocktail lovers will love Mondial des Cidres SAQ, too. The weekend-long event is also hosting mixologists, including Vincent Vaillancourt-Séguin, a professor at the École du bar de Montréal. We’re talking the big leagues here.

Combine that with the culinary creations of your dreams and our only question for you is: your fine self aside, who else will you be bringing?

Via Le Mondial des Cidres SAQ

Let's break it down—here’s an itinerary of the weekend:

Friday March 1

From 6:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M., enjoy a culinary demonstration featuring candidates from the 2018 edition of Les Chefs from Radio-Canada, followed by a tasting.

From 6 P.M. onwards, get all fancied upfor an evening of glamour and gourmet treats and eats, sparkling ciders and cocktails. P.S. Only 200 tickets are available for this special event, so make sure to snag yours ASAP!

Saturday March 2

From noon to midnight enjoy speed tastings led by sommelier Colin Grave. Admission is based on a first come, first serve basis. And from 9 P.M. to midnight celebrate Nuit Blanche, of course!

Sunday March 3

Brunch. Need we say more? JK, we will—because we love brunch, *obvi*. Here, chefs will prepare tapas perfect for pairing with ciders. Seriously, your Sunday morning just got a whole lot sweeter. 

Via Le Mondial des Cidres SAQ

Presale tickets are only $17 and include one-day entry, 10 tasting coupons, one tasting glass and access to various activities.

Otherwise, passes range from $20 to $65 depending on whether or not you want to do the ~most~. But real talk, guys: if you're not doing the most, exactly what are you doing? 

This March, celebrate Quebec's cider and culinary scence at le Mondial des Cidres SAQ. For more awesomeness (or simply to get you and your crew psyched) check out the fest on Facebook and Instagram


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