Mondays are tough. Pizza is good. That's why I gave my colleague pizza to make her day better. But I did not pay for this pizza, I got it for free. How you ask? Would you like to know how you can make it #BetterWithPizza?

Like many a Montrealer, on a typical lazy Sunday night in after a very successful weekend,  I ordered a pizza to enjoy with my Netflix. Pizza Pizza was my pizzeria of choice on this particular eve, and after custom-making my pie online just the way I like it, when I went to pay I discovered a somewhat hidden treasure - using Visa Checkout gets you a free pizza, or more specifically a promo code for a free pizza.

Now I could've been selfish, and kept that free pizza all for myself, but instead, I offered the promo code to my co-worker who seemed pretty distressed today. Acute drowsiness, severe irritability, mild depression, and a general lack of focus due to extreme hunger; she was displaying all the typical symptoms of a bad case of the Mondays.

Needless to say, a free pizza definitely brought a smile to her face, and dare I say, made her day better. Consequently, her happier mood made my day better, which maybe makes my motivations a little selfish after all. Regardless, I'm definitely not complaining about a free pizza, especially when it's that easy to get.

I'm going to assume you like pizza, and chances are you probably have a friend that does too, so the next time you get yourself one, be a hero. A pizza hero, to your friends and family who need a little pick me up, and say it with a free pizza. They don't even have to know it was free ;)

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