Other than being one of the best cities in Canada, Montreal is known for two things: Its variety of restaurants and its hockey team, the Canadiens. 

For people who are fans of both, the city's 1909 Taverne Moderne in the heart of downtown has served as the perfect place to hang out at. With a 46-foot screen and seating for 1,000, the 1909 is one of the best sports viewing experiences available to Canadians, and now, Montrealers can enjoy it in Laval, too. 

1909 Taverne's new location just north of Montreal is the city's new, ultimate go-to venue. Spreading over 15,000 square feet, it has 30 VIP booths, a massive sports screen spanning 33 feet, and a new "urban oasis" terrasse - so you can enjoy the good vibes inside or outside!

But the most exciting news, though, is what Laval's 1909 Taverne Moderne has in store for us every Wednesday.

Via 1909 Taverne Moderne

Anyone who ever craves a night full of dancing, drinking and eating (um, all of us) will be excited to know Laval's 1909 now hosts Latino-themed nights every single week! 

Via 1909 Taverne Moderne

Latino Wednesday, as it's aptly called, is a recurring dance party that combines upbeat Latino music, dancing, and great food and drink. If you're not particularly skilled at channelling your inner Shakira, don't worry, the 1909 will be teaming up with Alejandro Dance Studio on August 8th to offer dance classes to anyone with two left feet! 

Via 1909 Taverne

If you're still not confident with your dance moves, then no worries. Latino Wednesdays also happens to fall on the venue's Ladies Night, which starts off with a sweet deal of free (!) bubbles for all women before 8:00pm!

There's also $5 speed rail cocktail deals and 8oz wine for the price of a 5oz before 10:00pm, and 5 shots for $5 until midnight. Yasssss.

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Sounds like the most fun place to get your dance on this summer? You know it does!

For more information on 1909 Taverne Moderne in Laval, check out their website, Facebook and Instagram page. And join the Facebook event now for July 25th's Latino Wednesday, featuring Boston's DJ Ronsta!

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