Everyone knows that Grand Prix weekend in Montreal is the hottest weekend of the city. Tourists from everywhere come to our beautiful city to check out the race but they obviously stay for the parties, because after all, in Montreal, we know how to party.

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And Grand Prix weekend is nothing short of amazing parties. However, this year, there is one party that you are not going to want to miss. MINSMANAGEMENT is hosting the dopest party of the summer... The Grand Prix Playboy Party is coming to Montreal at the Time Supper Club and this year, it will be featuring 15x cover model Khloë Terae and Holly Bortolazzo.

Everyone knows that #Minsmanagement ALWAYS hosts the sickest parties with the most beautiful girls in the city. Well, this year, they're back at it again bringing Playboy to Montreal. The Grand Prix Playboy Party is sure to be an unforgettable event in partnership with MA PRODUCTIONS and Rich List Group Dubai.

Time Supper Club will be hosting this epic event and if you've ever been inside the supper club, then you already know the venue is absolutely amazing. The place is going to be packed with the city's finest, along with several Playboy models like Khloë, Holly and all their friends. DJ Zack Cola will also be making sure the party is bumping with his sick beats. Oh, and did I mention there will be a celebrity guest from LA making an appearance? 

via @hollybortolazzo

The party is also sponsored by Sachika Boutique - a luxury brand of clothing that is known for making beautiful pieces worn by celebrities from all over. Corporate Stays who offer luxury rental apartments to business travelers will also be sponsoring the event along with Real Mix Energy Drinks so there will be no shortage of drinks!

Make sure that you are looking your best because dress code will be in full effect. But let's be serious, I know you guys already look good 💁🏽.  

To make things even better, Time Supper Club will be open every week after July 1st so you can party for the rest of the summer at the hottest venue.

via @hollybortolazzo

There's no reason for you to stay at home on Grand Prix weekend. On Saturday, June 10th at 11pm, make sure to head to Time Supper Club to party with the hottest playmates for one night, and one night only! Contact minsmanagement@mail.com or call 418-717-8646 for tickets!

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