When it comes to some of life’s major decisions, we know these moments can be trying at best, dismaying at worst. The sitch becomes all the more nail-biting when it’s time to choose a career path. That’s why we want to help ease your burden.

Not only do these seven gigs pay more than $20 per hour right off the bat, but they’re also in a high-demand field. In other words: opportunity! But working in healthcare is about so much more than job diversity and career prospects, it’s also about helping your fellow humans and contributing to the community in a super meaningful way — and that’s something that we can all agree is a winning formula for success.

Oh yeah, and did we mention there are a ton of scholarships for those looking to pursue a career in the health and social services sector? Talk about a win-win-win!

Specialized Nurse Practitioner

Education: University.

Salary: Minimum $27.40 per hour.

Called SNPs for short, specialized nurse practitioners not only deliver care and treatment for a range of health issues, but they’re also educators and they collaborate to research within the nursing and medical clinical fields. Just think of an SNP as a medical consultant of sorts; they deal with patients and their loved ones and offer support to healthcare teams. 

They even perform some doctor-level duties and can specialize in adult care, mental health, neonatology, pediatrics, or primary care. In other words, SNPs are pretty much the do-it-all superheroes the world needs more of — that means you! 


Education: University.

Salary: Minimum $26.43 per hour.

If you love dissecting the human brain (figuratively speaking, of course) then you’ll absolutely love this profession. What’s super cool about psychologists is that they work in a variety of environments, like schools, clinics, and even workplaces. 

Psychologists not only help people work through life’s problems, but they also work in research and education too. If you love listening and improving others’ well-being, this may just be the career for you. 

Diagnostic Imaging Technologist 

Education: CEGEP.

Salary: Minimum $23.12 per hour.

Diagnostic imaging technologists perform x-rays and other radiodiagnostic exams (think ultrasounds, for example). They prepare patients for imaging procedures and process the images for the radiologist to interpret in order to make a diagnosis. They work in either radiology, nuclear medicine, or radiation oncology.  

Diagnostic imaging technologists usually work closely with a multidisciplinary team. They've got to be able to carry out all technical tasks with the utmost precision, make proper use of radiation, and be self-reliant, conscientious, and good team players. What a job!


Education: Secondary.

Salary: Minimum $20.55 per hour.

From physical assistance to meal delivery, orderlies provide patient care 24/7. While they mainly work in long-term care centres, orderlies can also work in hospitals, rehab centres, private seniors’ residences, and community service centres. 

On a day-to-day basis, orderlies are pretty much the immediate, go-to caregiver for patients, no matter the need. Their bedside manner is always on-point. Plus, they work among the nursing staff so additional on-the-job support is always at-the-ready! 

Hospital Pharmacist

Education: University.

Salary: Minimum $42.05 per hour.

Pharmacists are highly trained and specialized with good reason: they’re entrusted with giving the best possible pharmaceutical care, based on the needs of patients. That means they’ve got to have a whole lot of know-how!

Increasingly complex drug treatments make hospital pharmacists indispensable to patients and healthcare professionals. If you love being analytical while helping people, then this gig is most definitely for you.

Nurse and Nurse Clinician

Education: CEGEP (Nurse)/ University (Nurse Clinician).

Salary: Minimum $24.08 per hour (Nurse)/ Minimum $25.25 (Nurse Clinician).

Whether in hospitals, rehabs, residential, community or social services centers, nurses and nurse clinicians work in numerous environments and with good reason: they’re needed everywhere! Not only do these health professionals provide medical care for their patients, but they also develop treatment plans.

Simply put, if you enjoy being a leader as much as you like helping people, this line of work could be for you!


Education: CEGEP.

Salary: Minimum $23.63 per hour.

Think of ambulance attendants like the first line of defence in the medical field. They not only ensure the safe transport of patients to hospitals, but they’re also required to administer on-the-spot, real-time care.

Quite literally, they save people’s lives each and every day! That means ambulance attendants must be quick thinkers — they need to know how and when to act in an emergency situation. Talk about a high-octane career.

Whether you’re in the early stages of choosing a career in the health and social services sector, or you’re already well on your way to achieving your dream job, each of these professions promises great opportunity from the get-go!

For more information, visit Québec.ca/carrieresensante or check the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux Facebook page. 

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