Coworking spaces are a popular workplace trend that many startup-type businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers tend to favour. The concept is simple: you rent desk space, set up camp, hook up all your tech needs, and get to work — all in a shared space with other bright, passionate (and typically young) innovators all hungry in their quest to achieve professional success.

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, what if we told you that it could get better than that? Meet , a new non-profit project and coworking space located in a heritage building near Peel in the heart of downtown Montreal, it’s the hottest new office alternative for creative types! 


Created in order to better serve the creative community in Montreal, ’s mission is to open up its doors to entrepreneurs, artists, free-speaking thinkers, and tech aficionados to provide them with a coworking space to buckle down and follow through on their creative projects. It’s a space where these innovators can pour their hearts and souls into their work around other people who are equally as inspired as they are. In short, it’s a joining of some of the most brilliant and eclectic minds eager to cultivate their passions!

So, what sets Zú apart from other coworking spaces? First of all, joining Zú is more than just renting desk space. There are tons of additional meeting spaces, the 5G TELUS Lab in collaboration with Lenovo — Canada’s first creative lab equipped with experimental 5G technology, plus extensive programming to accommodate all tech gurus. That's right: if you live and breathe technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity, offers a calendar of events to feed your fire. Plus, with tickets starting at just $15, igniting your creativity has never been so affordable.

Imagine working on your passion project in a trendy, collaborative, tech-driven environment surrounded by other ambitious individuals with the same values as you. Whether you need desk space for a month or a year, pricing begins at $250/month — which naturally includes unlimited coffee, because it would be a sin to not have that life fuel accessible all day long.

exists to allow inspired Quebecers to pursue their dreams and to take ownership of their creative ideas by helping them develop and commercialize their intellectual property. Essentially, its goal is to help equip Montrealers with the proper tools to flourish in their creative pursuits and nurture them into finding a way to turn ideas into profit. If you have a creative entrepreneurial project on the brain, Zú’s incubation programs from ideation to acceleration will help you sharpen your thinking and bring your ideas to life.

Zú officially opened its doors in September and is currently accepting new members eager to get started on their creative projects. Book yours now!

Zú Coworking Space

Address: 1196 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal (QC) H3A 1R6

Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday to Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm

Why you need to rent a workspace: To turn your passion into a reality amongst a collaborative and thriving creative community

Want to learn more about #zumtl? Visit their website for more info, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates! 

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