With the first of July right around the corner, the same problem comes up every time: how to get your couch into your new place. 

Like Ross on Friends, we find ourselves repeatedly shouting "pivot!" in the staircase to our buddies that came to help. And don't even get us started on fitting the sofa through the actual door frame.

Luckily, a Montreal startup has found the perfect solution to avoid this dreaded hassle: the sofa-in-a-box.

You might've already heard about mattresses that are delivered to your house in a box. Well, Cozey now offers the same concept for its couches. In fact, it's the first of its kind in Canada.

In just a few days, your sofa is delivered for free in a few easy-to-carry boxes, making it effortless for you to assemble it in your home wherever you want. No more sticking your couch into a random corner because you can't carry it to the perfect spot.

The Montreal-based company sought to make life easier for those who move regularly, whether it's for school, a job, or maybe even a breakup. With Cozey, each person can literally part ways with their favourite spot on the couch.

Since the whole thing is customizable, you can get an armchair for your study and then add the pieces that will turn it into a loveseat for your first apartment later on.

When it comes to assembly, Cozey focuses on simplicity for its RTA (ready-to-assemble) furniture, requiring no tools and taking only a few minutes. This means you'll be able to impress your partner once you move in together, showing them that you can take care of putting the couch together all on your own.

Although the startup has only just launched itself on the market, it's already helping in the fight against poverty. While some people are wondering how to organize their move or decorate their new condo, others don't have that luxury.

That's why Cozey is partnering with homeless shelters through their "Comfort Box" initiative. For each sofa sold, the company gives a person in need a box filled with basic necessities such as warm socks, hygiene products, and underwear.

So, not only can you buy a couch with a simple, stylish design that's easy to carry and assemble, but you can help support a good cause at the same time. Plus, Cozey lets you try your couch for 30 days risk-free with free returns.

The sofa-in-a-box by Cozey

Price: from $495 to $945 for the three-seater.

Why You Need To Get It: Designed for modern living, these stylish and comfy couches are the practical solution for your next move.

To know more about Cozey's sofa-in-a-box, you can check out their website, as well as their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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