• Every Montreal neighbourhood has its own flavour... and now you can really taste them!
  • Maggie Oakes, a Montreal bar, has developed cocktails for some of Montreal's most-loved boroughs.
  • A new borough-cocktail is being released this weekend.

Have you ever wondered what the Mile End tasted like? Well, now you can have a drink inspired by the essence of the neighbourhood

Maggie Oakes is one of those Montreal gems you can’t help but fall in love with. Not only is this establishment known for its awesome vibe and good food, but the variety of cocktails they provide is incredible.  

This establishment is constantly coming up with new ways to think outside of the box and I personally think that their latest idea is the cutest way to pay homage to our city.  

Since the start of spring, Maggie Oakes has taken on a new cocktail project that is beyond adorable. Every month, there is a new cocktail released, named after, and inspired by, a neighbourhood in our city.  

The restaurant has decided to collaborate with local businesses, allowing them to use all local ingredients to create these impeccably handcrafted cocktails, each of which gives its own little taste of Montreal.  

Their August cocktail was inspired by The Village, in honour of pride month and it is honestly to die for. The drink, which was called the Blue Queen was inspired by the vibrant Montreal Gay Village.  

For every Blue Queen that was sold, one dollar was donated to GRIS Montreal, a Montreal-based LGBTQ and non-profit organization.  

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The September cocktail, available since Sunday, September 1st, is a New Spritz inspired by the lovely Plateau. The unique combination of ingredients flooding this cocktail are a reflection of the eclectic vibe in The Plateau.

The Plateau cocktail was created with POP Montreal, an art and music festival which will be taking place from September 25th until the 29th. This fun twist on a classic favourite is everything you have been looking for in a cocktail.  

There is also a Mile End, Verdun, Mile Ex, China Town and Griffintown inspired cocktail, each created with handpicked ingredients to ensure incredible flavours with every sip you take.

I personally love the Goldrush, inspired by the famous Golden Square Mile, which is made up of Scotch Grant, honey syrup, and lemon.    

Each cocktail is ten dollars so this is obviously a great spot for an after-work drink or even a date.      

Why not taste the city and take a tour of Montreal one cocktail at a time?

For more information on Maggie Oakes, check out their official website, Instagram, and Facebook!

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