Is your new place still jam-packed with unopened boxes? We get it: you've just moved in.

Pinterest is probably your best friend right now when it comes to inspo on how to decorate your new home. But let's not forget: real comfort is all about the essentials.

When talking about essentials, we definitely mean your bedroom (aka your sleep sanctuary!). We all know that a good night's sleep starts with a relaxing, cozy bedroom.

Luckily, until July 13, Dormez-vous is giving you the chance to win a $1,000 gift card to purchase your sleep essentials just in time for your recent move.

You could use this gift card to finally snag the famous Bloom box mattress. If you've ever dreamt of sleeping on a cloud, this is as close as it gets! The Bloom mattress is made of several layers of gel memory foam and latex foam. You already know: quality equals comfort.

During the moving season, Dormez-vous also has your back by offering its sleep essentials at affordable prices. You can choose from a huge inventory of top-quality products that'll finally help you achieve your best night's sleep — every night.

At Dormez-vous, you'll find everything you need for your bedding, from mattress covers and sheets to duvets and pillows. Let's be honest: there's nothing like a serious night of rest.

Follow Dormez-vous on Instagram to enter the contest for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card to spend on your ultimate sleep essentials! Visit their website to check out the wide range of products available. Discover a whole new way of sleeping.

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