Are you too afraid to ride your bike in Montreal's frigid winter? You are not alone. The slippery sidewalks, gale force winds, and crazy drivers (of every season tbh) make winter biking seem like an extreme sport, and not a viable method of transportation. Veteran Montreal city-biker Cam Novak knows otherwise, expertly biking all winter, and he's here to show you how.

This Thursday January 9th Cam Novak, in collaboration with Allégo Concordia, is going take you through everything you need to know about winter-biking. Anyone is welcome to attend the event, and after speaking with Novak, it looks to be a very relaxed and informative workshop. Learn the A-Z of biking in the winter, mostly through Novak's personal stories and experiences, like how not wearing a proper jacket led to an impromptu wal-mart sweater purchase and near case of hypothermia.

To any and all still hesitant about winter biking, here's a piece of advice from Novak himself:

If you're skeptical about riding your bike in the winter you should be skeptical about walking or driving your car, the myth of winter biking being more dangerous than any other transportation is a bit ridiculous

Does Novak speak the truth? Want to learn more about all things winter biking? Then get to the Winter Cycling Workshop this Thursday. Find all the info right here.

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