Let's be honest with each other for a minute: there's nothing on this earth like Lebanese food. A delicious shish taouk or shawarma is basically the best way to reward yourself at the end of a long day - they're pretty much the most tasty, flavourful comfort foods around.

Via Wrap Kings

And one brand new restaurant in Montreal is serving up pretty much some of the tastiest Lebanese dishes you'll ever try in the city. 

Wrap Kings is the newest Lebanese restaurant in Montreal, and everyone is going crazy over their delicious, unique wraps! People haven’t been able to stop talking about their new favorite healthy, fast-food take out spot ever since they opened... and for good reason!

Via Wrap Kings

Featuring delectable Lebanese sandwiches and other hot Mediterranean dishes, their menu is wallet-friendly - with dishes going between $5 - $12 on average - and traditionally savoury, but with a twist. Take, for example, their bestseller chicken wrap. Made with lettuce, tomatoes, garlic sauce, chipotle sauce, mozzarella cheese, sesame, sumac and a "pita feuilleté" pita, this is definitely not your average shish taouk spot!

You won't find any other wraps quite like these in Montreal, as Wrap Kings uses their own special wrap technique; and although you'll have to get yourself over there to experience their one-of-a-kind twists and deliciously affordable dishes, you can rest assured that their food has been getting rave reviews. 

Via Wrap Kings

After all, you deserve only the best quality food and experience – and Wrap Kings knows it. Expect only the freshest vegetables, meats, and other tasty ingredients that are crafted into delicious dishes that'll have you craving more! 

Located at 1502 Rue Bleury, Wrap Kings held their grand opening on January 15th and since then, they've taken Mediterranean food to a whole other level. Not only is their tasty food fit for a King or Queen, but their exceptional customer service will make you feel like royalty yourself. They definitely live up to their noble title!

Via Wrap Kings

With fast service and affordable, ready-made homestyle plates created with quality ingredients, and an emphasis on customaer service, you’ll know exactly where to find me the next time a shawarma craving hits!

Head over to their location at 1502 Rue Bleury to discover what the hottest new Mediterranean experience is all about!

Via Wrap Kings

Follow Wrap Kings Canada on Instagram, Facebook and their official website for more info! 

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