I don’t know about you, but I’m suffering from some serious wardrobe fatigue right now. My summer stuff is redundant, my winter gear is bulky and ugly, and what’s left over is looking a lot more ‘crazy cat lady’ than it is Kim Kardashian.

Some new clothes are definitely in my future and the place to get them has to be WTFash, Montreal’s new must-visit for fashion pilgrims. Located downtown on Crescent Street, WTFash are dedicated to providing the women of this city with great-looking clothes at the lowest possible prices. Plus, the boutique itself is SUPER cute.

With designs that seamlessly blend your fav Instagram star’s best looks with high-end clobber, WTFash’s aim is to make sure every fashion-forward Montrealer has access to the style they want. Their collections are unique, unconventional and unforgettable - perfect for women who refuse to blend into the background.

WTFash aren’t your standard fashion brand where there are fifty degrees of separation between you and the people designing your clothes. The fashion buyer is a recent graduate from Parsons the New School in NYC who partnered up with two JMSB Concordia students to open a store that is run by millennials and for millennials. The owners are all about listening to what you want and giving it to you and they have the friendliest staff ready to offer advice and make sure you’re happy and comfortable in what you’re wearing!

Not to mention the fact that they have stores both on the web and IRL is something of a godsend – online shopping in Montreal can be a massive pain due to retailers generally favouring our friends in the US. WTFash keep their prices low and update their inventory on the regular to ensure that you always have access to all the latest looks without breaking the bank. They even have a "Vintage section" where they accept consignments from customers and sell them on their behalf. So you can not only buy vintage items at a low price, you can sell yours as well!

Despite the name, street style is often frustratingly inaccessible to us normal people, and dressing as boldly as you feel can be difficult.  WTFash are invested in making sure every woman can dress according to her personality and regardless of her budget, with a never-ending stock of fresh looks, low prices and – best of all – really regular sales. They also have their very own fur brand, which offers vests, coats and beanies, all for very accessible prices!

When you can dress how you want without worrying about the price tag, why settle for less? Visit WTFash now or check out their pre-Holiday sample sale on November 12 and 13 and tap into a world of fashion designed for women who make waves.

For more info on WTFash, check them out on Instagram or their website, or go take a peek in person at their shop on Crescent.

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