Winter sports are never fun when you're cold. A solid run down a hill on skis or a snowboard can be ruined be blasting chills and wet scarves and mittens. Wearing goggles, helmets, and other winter attire definitely help, but there still that spot, from your neck to your eyes, that is always left unprotected and frigid. The not-so-sweet spot has chilled spines and ruined winter fun for years, but no longer. A new and entirely Montreal made scarf, the North 45, has reinvented winter wear to keep you warm all season.

Made from merino wool for comfort and breathability, sleek and edgy for the fashion-conscious, and outfitted with heavy duty magnets for functionality, the North 45 scarf is the ultimate accessory for winter. Maybe best of all, the North 45 scarf is entirely homegrown in Montreal. Help out the product by checking out their kickstarter, and get your very own North 45 scarf. See more in the video below.

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