At this point, it's pretty much been confirmed that Montreal is a city full of dog lovers. And who could blame us? Dogs are awesome! They pretty much love us unconditionally, and all we need to do is take good care of them in return. 

While taking care of our furever friends might seem super straightforward - walk them, feed them and love them, pretty much! - it's actually a little more complicated than that. Especially if you want your furry companion to have a long, happy and stress-free life!

A big example? Food, of course! Food and nutrition is base-level care for dogs, but you might be shook to find out what's actually in a lot of different dog foods on the market.   

A lot of dog food that's available is filled with things like corn syrup, artificial colours, MSG and DHT... and if that's a little terrifying to you, then don't worry too much. One Montreal-based dog food company is here to save the day.

Happy Mealz is a dog food company that specializes in homemade, fully cooked dog food. Their meals are all made with protein-rich Chicken, Beef, Turkey, as well as green peas and sweet potato.

Their meals come in six different recipes, all made with organic meats, fruits and vegetables. Depending on what's best for your pup, you can pick from one of their many delicious recipes.

Each box comes with enough for one week and each delivery comes with two boxes - so, two weeks worth of food (but your first week is free). It's kind of like a subscription box, except for all your dog's meals! 

The really great thing about Happy Mealz, though, is that it's the perfect alternative to traditional dog food (some of which is packed full of chemicals, sugars and other fillers) and a "raw" pet food diet, which can actually get your dog super sick thanks to bacteria like Salmonella and Listeria. 

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Happy Mealz fully cooks all of their meals, so you know you're getting a safe and nutritious meal for the most important fluffball in your life!

Plus Happy Mealz also happens to be super involved in the Montreal community. They're huge supporters of animal charities and non-profits like Animatch; so not only does this local company help feed your dog exactly what they need to live a long, happy and healthy life, but they also help other dogs in the city live long, happy and healthy lives. Awesome? You know it is!

For more information about Happy Mealz, and to order your pup's very first box of food, check out their website, Facebook and Instagram page!

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