Making money in this city is tough, especially when you are trying to complete your studies on top of everything. So what's an ambitious entrepreneur to do, who not only wants to make some good money to help pay for school, but is also looking to gain valuable work experience at the same time?

Locally-based Signature Entrepeneurs offers a summer internship like no other. One that actually pays, and more importantly, designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs all the resources and tools they need to successfully run their own business while going to school.

With their flexible program, you're responsible for your making own schedule, hiring your own employees, while managing your own marketing and sales objectives. You are your own boss. The harder you work the more you have to gain. Potential earnings of $25,000+ in one summer is pretty hard to turn down.

You're probably thinking this sounds too good to be true, but Signature Entrepreneurs understands the struggle of balancing university life and working at the same time because that's exactly how they started themselves. If you are willing to work hard, Signature Entrepreneurs lets you play hard. Student entrepreneurs gain leadership and business experience unparalleled by any internship, with a management team and expert coaches guiding you every step of the way.

Experience is an asset but not necessary. Like anything in life, your success will come down to work ethic and commitment. After just one summer with Signature, you'll have the practical management and sales skills that look great on a CV and can even rival some MBA students. If you're eager to run your own business, this is a great start.

Applications for next summer are now open and the best positions go fast, so don't wait!

Check out Signature Entrepreneurs' website for complete info.

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