Friends, I won't beat around the bush here: beer is life.

If I'm being honest though, it took a while for me to really appreciate the complex and diverse flavour profiles in a pint of beer - mainly because I was so used to drinking depanneur beers.

But the first time I tasted a really good, craft beer, the kind that had a whole lot of passion put into it? That's it. I was hooked.

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It's pretty much the same story for every other beer lover out there too. Craft beers are where it's at, and thankfully, Montreal has a great selection of places that carry on artisanal beer making traditions to create the perfect pint.

And one seriously fantastic spot in Montreal to grab a pint of tasty, freshly home brewed craft beer in a European atmosphere? 3 Brasseurs!

Basically everyone in the city knows 3 Brasseurs as a fun place to hang out with friends, grab a delicious bite to eat, and savour some of the finest beers in the city. Their food is great; their delicious craft beer always hits the spot; and their beer-food pairings are always, always on point.

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But what if I told you that you now have the choice of savouring one of 3 Brasseurs quality artisanal beers... or creating a cask of your own beer, with 3 Brasseurs quality hops and other ingredients?

That's right, guys. Stroll into your favourite location with a few friends (you can create the barrel of beer with 1-5 people), learn a little bit about the beer making process, and develop - and create - your perfectly personalized brand new beer with the help of an experienced craft brewer.

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This experience is actually too awesome to be completed in one day. The first day you go with a group of 1-5 and create your recipe; then, two weeks later, you come back with up to 30 people to taste your creation!

Since this is 3 Brasseurs, you know there's got to be some yummy food involved here, too. And trust, there is: the tasting portion of the Create Your Own Cask experience comes not only with 20 litres of the beer you created, but also with a free Flammekueche tasting, too. Honestly, not only does this sound like a fun experience for you and your friends - but it sounds like a pretty awesome gift idea too!

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If the free Flammekueche isn't enough to satisfy your tastebuds then worry not. For an additional $25/person, you can get a beer and food tasting on the day you and your 1-5 friends create the beer recipe. As is their specialty, 3 Brasseurs will pair the exact right beers with the food from their menu, resulting in a food and beer extravaganza you won't soon forget!

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Which is great, because 3 Brasseurs also happens to have a few brand new food items on their menu that you're absolutely going to want to try.

A sample of the delicious new treats 3 Brasseurs is offering on their new menu? A rich and cheesy Cheddar Beer Soup, served in a tasty bread bowl; a hearty Spinach & Artichoke Dip featuring goat and cream cheeses and served with nacho chips; the Welsh 3 Brasseurs, a sourdough bread topped with black forest ham and dijon mustard and smothered in a decadent beer cheese sauce - and a whole lot more!

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Oh, and for dessert? 3 Brasseurs has some awesome brand new options too. Like their Chocolate Bomb, AKA a caramel chocolate mousse hidden in a hard chocolate shell and melted by a layer of beer caramel which you pour yourself; or their Hibachi S'mores, a make-your-own s'mores creation that comes with a tiny grill and enough chocolate, graham crackers and Hershey's chocolate to satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth!

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Delicious food, AWESOME craft beer and the chance to create your own personalized cask? Um. Yeah. Count me TF in!

The best part? Since there are tons of locations throughout Montreal (and even throughout Quebec!) you can bet there's a 3 Brasseurs near you. So all you need to do is make a reservation at the closest one, stroll in, and voila. Custom beer, delicious food, craft pints... and many, many good times await!

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To reserve a spot at your nearest 3 Brasseurs location to try out their new menu and Create Your Own Cask experience, check out their official website, Facebook page and Instagram!

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