In Val-David, Qc, about an hour north of Montreal, on its highest peak, sits a house unlike any other. Created by artist Robert Lachance, the Valbourg home combines architectural designs with natural materials through an artistic lens, meaning it's pretty much a one-of-a-kind home unlike any other living space.

Lachance, much more an artist than an architect, wished to create a home that was put together not solely for functional purposes, but crafted in a manner to create a narrative experience. Walking through the house is like taking a tour of a museum, with esoteric shapes and designs revealed as one walk through the home.

Adding to the museum-home motif are the massive amounts of sculptures that adorn the house. Fixed to the roof and walls, the many beams and bends create the sense that the home is a living and growing entity, with its own story to tell. Much more exciting than a standard and static suburban house.

Almost a painting with all of the combined elements, the Valbourg home by Robert Lachine is an architectural sensory experience. You could head there yourself, or just take a look inside through the photos below, courtesy of e-architect.

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