If you want to be in style this Fall, this guide is sure to help you choose clothing and accessories that will make you the envy of fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

1. Bling

That's right, break out your bling and wear it with confidence cause bling is back. Broaches, earrings, necklaces will be more blinged out this Fall. Round up your best bling and get ready to shine.

2. Cuffs

This is a great style that also has the added benefit of warmth as cuffs are great for keeping the cold from flowing up your sleeve.

Photo Cred - Rougeabsolu

3. Gloves

Nothing makes you look more chic and in style than wearing gloves outside of the winter season. Wear them long or short, with a gorgeous evening gown or more casually with a short coat and jeans.

4. High Waist

This style not only looks great, but it will hug and accentuate your curves in all the right places. If you go skinny jean style with a high waist, don't forget your tall boots to finish off your look.

5. Short Skirts

Seems a little odd for a cooler time in the year, but short skirts will be in fashion this Fall. Keep the cold out with another trendy item this Fall: tights.

6. Tights

Did these ever really go out of style? As popular as tights are for their comfort, colours and patterns, we're going to see them make an even bigger splash this Fall. Be sure to get a mix of bold and neutral colours so you can mix and match to your hearts desire.

7. Skinny Scarves

This is the perfect accessory that doesn't overtake the rest of your outfit but can definitely be used to make a bold statement and add a pop of colour to your daily style.

Photo Cred - Maria Almuna

8. Grey Suit

For all of you working in professional settings who want to be in style, the grey suit is the way to go. Even though it's not a bold colour, it will definitely be bold style for the Fall.

9. One Shoulder

If you're going schmoozing for happy hour, having cocktails with friends or attending a wedding, the one shoulder style will be perfect for any occasion.

10. Plaid

Did you ever think  you would see plaid make a come back? Luckily, there are now a variety of plaid styles and patterns to choose from so you can explore wide or tight print, blues, yellow's or stick to the original red plaid styles.

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