Do you ever just scroll through your news feed and see the same adorable couples all the time? When you click on their profiles, you expect them to be famous and from L.A., but the truth is that they are from Montreal! Yup, it’s official Montreal has Instagram famous couples!

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These couples are living the life we all wish we had! They travel, explore, model, and basically have all the perks of being famous minus the constant harassment by fans and all the money. They are truly living the social media dream and they are right here in Montreal! The real question is, what's their secret to their success?

1. @irina_tee & @kingleduc Are Living The Life

Exploring Thailand with my dream girl ?@irina_tee #моякоролева #myqueen

A photo posted by Dave "The Nomad" Leduc (@kingleduc) on

Killed it today with this hunk ?? Guess who won? ??

A photo posted by Irina Terehova Leduc (@irina_tee) on

2. @yukon_jak & @samantha.katharine Are Living The Life

Wedding #ootd! ❤ @yukon_jak

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ SAMANTHA KATHARINE (@samantha.katharine) on

3. @vanessa_montreal & @vincentduquette Are Living The Life

Attention, le #couplemédias s'installe à Montréal sous peu! #couple #love #fun #mtlmoments #Montréal #StHenri #5a7

A photo posted by Vince Duquette (@vincentduquette) on

4. @alicia.moffet & @kevbazinet Are Living The Life

My babies ??

A photo posted by ALICIA MOFFET (@alicia.moffet) on

5. @noemielacerte & @guillaumeparr Are Living The Life

6. @camille_dg & @marcnoelcorriveau Are Living The Life

7. @alexcentomo & @danjensenn Are Living The Life

SHE SAID YES ?☺️❤️ I am so happy today. I love you @alexcentomo ?❤️

A photo posted by Daniel Jensen (@danjensenn) on

Spent our engagement strolling around the cobblestone roads ?? @danjensenn

A photo posted by Alex Centomo (@alexcentomo) on

3. @elisabeth.rioux & @jonathan_germain Are Living The Life

We started on Instagram, the only thing I owe to that social media is the chance that I had to fall on this amazing girl. We made it real a few months after, we met, and look at us now. People talk.. yes they do.. saying that it's not real, that this relationship is for benefits only, that it's not possible, but look at us though, we are just like millions of other couples, Love ambassadors. We are real and we are the living proof that a long distance love, and us, really exist. I don't need a girl, people or anything else such as shoutouts to make my own way to the top, I do things by myself even if it takes more time. I let people join me. And guess what ? Eli and I decided to join each other in each others life. That's us against the world. I love the support that I receive for myself and the support that I receive for her and me. Never forget that we are two different people, that the love united forever. I love her, and I love you guys reading this too a lot ! ?

A photo posted by Jonathan Germain (@jonathan_germain) on

Ti amo amore mio ??? this place couldnt be paradise without you ? @jonathan_germain

A photo posted by Elisabeth Rioux ? (@elisabeth.rioux) on

9. @cathbastien & @marc_fitt Are Living The Life

A photo posted by Marc Fitt (@marc_fitt) on

A photo posted by Cath Bastien (@cathbastien) on

10. @jeremyjean29 & @nickhamell Are Living The Life

Hope you have fun at prom, baby ?

A photo posted by Nicholas Hamel (@nickhamell) on

11. @claudiatihan & @kevinriva Are Living The Life

i got the girl of my dreams

A photo posted by Kevin Riva (@kevinriva) on


A photo posted by Kevin Riva (@kevinriva) on

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