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Hello Montreal Fashion lovers. As you know, Montreal is known as Canada’s Fashion hub. University students are among the top trendsetters of the city, and the library is the perfect setting for their haute fashion outfits. The library during Exam season is paralleled only by the streets of Griffintown during Fashion Week.

Given Montreal students’ keen sense of style, we’re surprised Vogue wasn’t part of their curriculum. These students are on point.

Fashion Designers, take note: you’re about to be schooled on what’s hot for your next collection.

1. The Incognito Look

Don’t take study breaks to creep your instagram feed and dream of outfits past, it will only crush your spirit. During this time of intense study, try to keep a low profile and avoid running into your crush. The larger the sunglasses, the better. They protect against the harsh library lighting and/or locking eyes with cuties. Oversized hoods are a must.

2. The "No Make-up Library Selfie" Look

“I woke up like this” Beyonce knows it. You know it. Ain’t nobody got time for makeup; you’re all about academics, so your whole insta-feed should know it.

3. The "Business On Top, Dorm Room On The Bottom" Look

Just like the skype video chat suit, we don’t expect to be getting out of our library chairs for hours on end, no pants needed.

4. The "Leggings As Pants" Look

Because we can’t have restrictive waistbands cutting off the blood flow to the brain…

5. The Fake Glasses Look

Just to look smarter. Fake it till you make it!

6. The Backpack AND Purse Combo Look

Because ladies can’t have their lipstick mixing with their books. And guys, can’t risk any beard oil spills...

7. The "Athletic Study" Look

Be at one with studying. concentrate on remaining zen during this stressful time.

8. The "Over-Dressed For The Library" Look

Because even exams can’t get in the way of a street style fashion photo op. What if you have a cute study partner? Look stunning always!

9. The "Pajamas ALL The Time" Look

Eat. Sleep. Study. Changing clothes takes away precious study time - and we can’t have that. This way, the ladies will also get a preview of your ‘bedroom look’

10. The Full Sweatsuit Look

Leisure suit? Check. Ugg boots? Check. This is the recipe towards a killer GPA.

What's your exam fashion look?

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