Photo cred - Rob En Route Let's face it, Montreal is a city full of jaywalkers. Other cities in Canada may frown upon disobeying traffic lights and ignoring crosswalks, but in Montreal everyone does it and everyone accepts it. You can pretty much tell the tourists apart from the residents just by seeing if whether or not they actually stop walking at an empty intersection with a red light. Jaywalking is an artform, however, and even the most experienced of jaywalkers still make some pretty glaring mistakes which could have disastrous results. So you know how to own the road on two legs, we've compiled 10 Montreal jaywalking guidelines. Read on and learn the ways if the jay.

Assume the Worst in All Drivers

The Flashing Hand

Traffic Is Your Friend

Eyes Peeled, Ears Open

Beware of Cyclists

Know Your Street

Know the Night

Alcohol is NOT Anti-Automobile Antidote

Going with a Group

Jaywalking by yourself is one thing, and with a group is another event entirely. When you're jaywalking solo, you only have yourself to worry about. With a group you have a gaggle of people who may not know the rules of the road so well, or just be a lot slower than you. If you truly need to jaywalk as a group, make sure the most competent of you is leading the pack and everyone keeps the same pace. Y'all are not a bunch of baby geese crossing the streets, and drivers won't simply stop for you because you're cute.

Run Means RUN

Hopefully you never get into this type of situation, but sometimes you really need to book it so you don't get nailed by a car when you're jaywalking. This is especially true on streets where cars are going quick, or you see some too-close-for-comfort oncoming traffic. The best advice would be to simply wait 'til things slow down, but we all know sometimes that isn't an option. If you're making the commitment of 'going for it' make sure you also commit to busting the lead out and running like hell. A casual walk simply doesn't cut it in some jaywalking situations, and a full-on run is how you're gonna stay outta the hospital.

Did we miss any?

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