Montreal is unique there's no doubt about it, and certain things that might have meaning here sound like complete nonsense elsewhere. So if you truly want to be successful with the opposite sex, We suggest you study these elaborately crafted pick-up lines. But don't try to use these the next time you're out of town, because these pickup lines will only work in Montreal.

1. Can I buy you a Molson?

Girls are pretty awesome here and they actually like beer. They're not just pretending so you'll think they're cool.

2. Hey nice hipster glasses where did you buy yours? I want to buy the same ones.

It's normally weird for couple to look alike, but in Montreal it's not that crazy. You might even spot a few couples with the same haircut.

3. Hey baby you wanna go thrift shopping? I'll buy you someone else's old jeans and a scarf or something.

If you live in any other city you'd be forced to go shopping in an actual mall.

4. So, did you know that I went to school with *insert random hockey player*?

Any player will do. Seriously ... any player.

5. I know a great poutine place.

Normally you're expected to splurge on a fancy meal with your date but in Montreal we're just easy to please. A late night greasy poutine is all you need to keep us happy.

6. Hey baby the metro is closed by now. You want a lift home?

Thanks for closing so early STM!

7. I have an extra ticket for Kylie Jenner's birthday party.

Start trying to make friends with the bouncers at beach club now, 'cause that line is going to come in handy.

8. I can get a discount on Maple Syrup.

That shit's like 12 bucks a can!

9. Hey baby, you wanna get Zambonied later.

We don't have many non-snow plows here. Alternate line: Hey baby, you wanna get snow plowed later

10. Hey baby I work for MTL Blog.

We like to think this works, but it probably doesn't

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