Screw a bird's eye view of Montreal, you're about to see a plane's perspective of our fair city. Thanks to Montreal-based photographer MANNY, all of us can see Montreal at entirely new heights of awesome. And yes, pun intended, as always.

Truly a passion project, MANNY took to the skies of Montreal solely out of personal interest and drive. He's always wanted to capture the city from incredible angles, and only until he could tag along with an in-training pilot-friend, was he able to fulfill his dream. Good thing he had the guts and gumption to do it, because these photos are spectacular.

Soaring above the city, MANNY's images show the full breadth of Montreal's beauty. Taken at dusk, the photos show the city's transition from twilight to evening, when the city's many lights illuminate the night. Take a look at MANNY's airplane photo shoot of Montreal below.

To see more of MANNY's photography, check out his FB page and follow him on Instagram @capslockmanny

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For more on all things Montreal, follow Michael on Twitter @MDAlimonte

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