Friends, relationships are tough. No lie. There's no such thing as a perfect relationship, and if you truly do want a successful one, it could sometimes mean hard work and compromise.

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Sometimes, you might not even know if the person you're with is actually right for you.

But thankfully, Reddit exists, and the helpful people from one AskReddit thread are here to spare you some legit confusion and doubt.

The thread, started by user woollyhammock, asks one simple question: What are some relationship "green flags" that indicate that the person is a keeper?

Well, woollyhammock asked, and Reddit users came up with some legit insightful answers.

"Taking the time to (at least attempt) to understand what you're feeling when you are upset. The ability to empathize with someone you are arguing with is a skill not many people have, and it is one to be treasured."

by Lumi61210

"When you can comfortably start conversation knowing that the judgement of the other person won't be petty or defensive. Just honest opinions shared."


"My boyfriend and I were having a huge argument and he had to leave for work. He still came up to me, gave me a kiss and said "I love you". I gave him a weird look... he then said "We're fighting right now, but that doesn't change how I feel about you". Big green flag right there."

by Mat145

"when we disagree on something, we talk about it instead of yelling at the top of our voices at each other."

by ishouldbeworking00

"Instead of playing games, they follow through. Call when they say they are going to call. Show up to things they said they'd go to, and on time. They make you a priority."

by 1robotsnowman

I totally agree with this, but this helpful follow-up from marndt3k is also super key: "But not the ONLY priority."

"As weird as it sounds, being completely independent of you. There is a stable life outside of you but still choosing you as a priority when wanting to do stuff. If they don't have other friends or hobbies and wants to spend every minute with you it is kind of concerning."

by dirtywiggles

"They never make you feel embarrassed when you're with them. I've told my bf so many embarrassing stories about myself and I've asked so many stupid questions but he has never made me feel embarrassed OR stupid about these things at all."

by jyuunbug

"'You know, there’s a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don’t all bring you lasagna at work." -Silent Bob"

by poornose

"Commitment to helping you be a better person, while also open to any assistance in becoming a better person themself."

by mstarrbrannigan

"She shares her food"

by WhenAllElseFail

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