You know that awkward stage when you meet a new girl and everything is fun and exciting, but then she turns out to be a starfish in bed?! Meh. In order to avoid disappointment, there are ways you can tell if someone is skilled in the bedroom department without actually sleeping with them. Remember the post, 10 Signs He’ll Be Good In Bed? I thought it could be interesting to write an alternative female analysis. So here are 10 signs that she's a passionate lover.

1. She loves to eat

Pay attention to what she orders. Is she savouring each bite and taking her time to finish a meal? Is she a picky eater? Food is a primary human need, just like getting down and dirty in the bedroom. Therefore, the way one eats is very closely related to the way one acts when the sun goes down. People who love to eat and/or are good cooks are rumoured to be exceptionally intense lovers.

2. She's a good kisser

If her goodbye kiss made you weak in the knees, there is a very good chance that she can also blow your mind between the sheets. However, remember that first kiss might not always be exciting due to excessive nerves during your first date.

3. She's a good dancer

The way a girl handles her body can tell a lot about how smooth her moves are in the bedroom. There is no direct correlation between being a good dancer and being good in bed, but it can definitely give you a general idea of what's to come.

4. She's confident

When you ask a girl where she wants to head for dinner and she answers, "I don't know... Where do you want to go?", there are very good chances that she will need guidance and direction in other areas of life as well, *wink wink*. A confident girl will have no problem telling you what her favourite type of cuisine is.

5. She drinks hard liquor

A study by Mindset Media shows that wine drinkers tend to be less adventurous in bed, whereas ladies who prefer hard liquor, such as vodka-soda for example, are more independent and like to be in charge.

6. She's sporty

A fit girl will have more energy to enjoy herself and be adventurous in the bedroom for obvious reasons.

7. She has tattoos

Girls with tattoos are risk takers. Therefore, they tend to be more daring when it comes to love making. This shouldn't be taken as a rule of thumb, but it can very well serve as an indication of how fearless she is.

8. Physical contact

If a woman casually brushes your shoulder or touches your arm during your first date, she is subconsciously expressing her own comfort level around you. If a girl is comfortable around you, then things are looking good, buddy.

9. She's not overdressed

If a woman is dressed too provocatively or over-the-top sparkly, she might be compensating for lack of skill in other important departments, if you know what I mean.

10. She comfortably talks/jokes about sex

If she can laugh at dirty jokes without blushing, then she's comfortable with her own sexuality and is probably open-minded when it comes to bedroom activities. When a girl is too stuck up to take a joke, she might also be too stuck up to let loose and enjoy herself in general.

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