Let's face it, no one want to be a hipster and no one refers themselves as a hipster. If you did you wouldn't be a hipster. (It's complicated, I know) In fact the word hipster is too played out and doesn't apply to Montreal, you can't be a hipster here because everyone in the city dresses weirder than you do. We even have our own word for Hipster in Montreal, we call them "plateau people." But if you want to avoid being associated with hipsters you should probably be avoiding the following behaviors.

1. You decided not to do something because it was too mainstream.

That's right. You've denied yourself simple pleasures like going to the mall or listening to a certain type of music because at least once because too many other people like the same thing.

2. You're more concerned with how you're going to post what you're doing on social media rather than actually enjoying the moment.

Have you ever gotten together with friends and spent the whole time taking countless selfies (with just the right filter for your vintage look) just to alert all of your followers who you've been with? This may sound shocking, but you don't need to justify to your followers how you spend your time.

3. You've literally used a hashtag in a conversation.

You'd be lying if you said that you've never said #twinning when you noticed that you were wearing the same thing as someone you know, or said #swag when you did or saw something that you thought was cool. Just a tip, if you ever use the word swag, ironically or not, it will automatically make whatever you're referring to uncool.

4. Your wardrobe consists entirely of clothes you'd find at Urban Outfitters. (Even though you'd never shop there.)

Have you ever seen someone with similar clothes that you have, asked them where they were from, heard the answer Urban Outfitters, and cringed? Odds are, if you've done this, you're definitely a hipster.

5. Your I-Tunes library is filled with music that no one has ever heard of.

One Direction? Rihanna? Neither of these artists have ever touched your I-Tunes library. Instead, your music taste is much more centred around Indie artists, like Fismoll, Halsey, etc. This way, you're considered original because most people have never heard of them.

6. You use phrases like on fleek or that's so basic without being sarcastic or cringing.

I don't think I even need to explain myself here.

7. You wear glasses even though you don't need them.

It's pretty ironic how people who need glasses wear contacts to hide this fact, while people who don't need them go out and buy them anyway.

8. You and your partner share the same hairstyle.

This would most definitely be considered #twinning. If you're trying so hard to be original, why style your hair in the same way as your significant other?

9. You hate everyone because they're not cool enough.

Have you ever hated someone or thought that you were better than someone else? I'm sure we've all thought this about at least a few person. If you believe this for every single person, though, then there might be a slight problem.

10. You've read this entire list and not found anything wrong with these signs.

It might be unfortunate to admit, but if you've read this list and believed that nothing was wrong with this, you're a hipster and there's no denying it. #sorrynotsorry

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