Every single girl I know has faked an orgasm at least once in her life. Did you know guys can fake orgasms too? Jeremy wrote an article on this fascinating topic earlier this week and inspired me to write this post today.

I want to help guys realize that they might not actually be as good in bed as they think they are. There are very good chances that your girl is just a great actress in the bedroom. Apparently only 25% of women are completely satisfied with their sex lives, says Cosmopolitan. Yikes! So here are some giveaway signs that your girl might be faking an orgasm.

1. She won't sleep with you when she's sober

If a girl doesn't want to get down and dirty with you without a drink or two, there is a problem. Wanna know what the problem is? Your skills.

2. She turns into a porn actress

Is she putting on a show for you? Loud fake moans are a very clear giveaway - she's faking it, my friend.

3. Her pupils are not dilated

It can be difficult (and creepy) to pinpoint this particular characteristic especially if it's dark... but dilated pupils are a sure sign that your girl is orgasming for real.

4. She didn't have an "orgasm face"

Orgasms come (haha!) with uncontrollable body, face and muscle twitches. In other words, if she looked pretty and calm, she faked it.

5. She rushes out of bed right after

Girls can't really move for at least a good minute following a real orgasm. If she rushed out of bed right after she's climaxed, you know what that means... you've been shamelessly lied to!

6. She can actually talk while orgasming

The most she can say while legitimately having an orgasm is "Oh my god!" Any other long and grammatically correct sentence is a clear sign - she's faking it.

7. She's not sweating

Orgasms are accompanied by changes in body temperature, blood pressure and heart beat. If she didn't break a sweat, she didn't "finish". Sorry.

8. She asks you to "finish for her"

If a girl asks you to "finish for her", there are very good chances that she just wants to get it over with. Especially if she tells you that the two of you orgasmed at the same time, awww so cute! She faked it.

9. You didn't feel anything

You can actually physically sense when your girl is orgasming. Her body contracts in all the right and tight places and you should totally be able to feel that pressure. Otherwise, yep, she faked it.

10. You're not experienced

If you don't know what you're doing, there is no way she can orgasm unless she's really experienced and does all the work herself. Otherwise, when you're not sure whether she had fun with you or not, she probably didn't.

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