Today is the day people, St. Patrick's Day, the Irish's favourite holiday where you can get day drunk without any guilt. Most of us are probably still recovering from the day-debauchery of the parade, but you can still enjoy St. Paddys with these random factoids about the holiday. Enjoy with a green pint of beer.

St. Patrick Wasn't Irish

  • Sounds strange but it's true. St. Patrick was actually a Roman citizen who was living in what is now England. St. P is so closely associated with Ireland because most of his life was spent converting Irish people from paganism to Christianity.

No Gays Allowed

  • St. Patrick's Day Parade festivities are organized by private organizations, and not by the city, so they have the right to exclude certain groups and minorities. This is the case in New York and Boston, where the queer community is still not allowed to march. Guinness pulled out as a supporter of the NYC parade of this reason. Go Guiness.

Blue Before Green

  • Green is the now-famous colour of St. Patrick's Day, but originally, blue was the colour associated with the saint. The switch came when Ireland adopted green as its national colour, and thus it became associated with the nation's major cultural celebration.

The Birth of Irish Coffee

  • Irish coffee was allegedly first served in the 1940s at an Irish airport. The whiskey-coffee blend was used to help international passengers deal with jet lag. Proof that alcohol cures all.

A Death-Day Celebration

  • March 17th is the date given to St. Patrick's death. Some people think its for his bday, but that comes from the Christian tradition of marking one's entrance into heaven as a rebirth.

The First St. Paddy's

  • 1737 was the first year in which any city in North America celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Nearly 300 years later, we're still going strong.

A Dry St. Patrick's

  • Until the 1970s, St. Patrick's Day was a religious holiday in Ireland. That meant that no pub could be open, and thus no overt public drunkenness. Now it's considered a national holiday and all is right with the world.

Faux-Leaf Clover

  • The four leaf clover actually has nothing to do with St. Patrick. Rather, it was the triple-leaf shamrock that St. Patrick was a big fan of, as he used it to symbolize the Christian trinity.

This Is Why We Drink Today

  • There is the (thankfully) popular belief that St. Patrick wanted people to drink hard liquor on his feast day. That's where the custom of floating a shamrock on top a glass of whisky comes from. If you haven't tried, do St. Paddy a favourite and take a shamrock shot.

Montreal Says Suck It To The Weather On St.Patrick's Day

  • Yesterday's frigid weather proved once more that no matter how cold it is, Montreal and its amazing citizens are willing to brave the elements and still celebrate this awesome Irish holiday. But you already knew that, you beautiful bastard you.

Got any more St. Patrick's Day Facts?

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