Signing up for a gym membership is the first step to a "new you". It's a big commitment to drop a bunch of cash on something you're potentially not going to use. But, I honestly think everyone should give it a go, at least once. The gym isn't for everyone, but you'll never know unless you try, I suppose. However, before jumping in to the metaphorical water, I have some hard earned advice to share with you all.

1. Ask For Help

The gym can be an incredibly confusing place. There all these bulky machines and rooms you don't know if you're allowed into or not. Ask one of the workers for help if you're finding yourself a lil' lost, it's their job. Also, don't be afraid to ask twice, because you will forget everything they told you when you come back.

2. You've Got Options

Now a days, you don't have to confine yourself to a classic gym setting. If you're not jiving with deadlifts or the treadmill, see what the gym offers in terms of classes and personal training. You may hate free weights, but love spinning. And self defence classes are always a good time. You've got some wiggle room, so use it!

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3. Clothes Don't Matter

And by this I don't mean go to the gym naked. The whole point of working out is to feel good, looking good is just a bonus. If you're spending all your time worried your boob is going to pop out of your precariously placed sports bra, then you'll have zero fun working out.

4. Make Sure It's Accessible

Never, EVER sign up for a gym that's far away. In your "I'm going to be fit" spree, you'll convince yourself that you'll make the trek out there. You won't. It's okay to overestimate yourself when it comes to laziness.

5. Plan It, B!tch

If you go to the gym without a plan, you're going to end up doing the same routine over and over again. Write some moves down on a piece of paper, your phone, your arm, something. It will help keep you on track.

6. Know How You Work Out

If you hate people watching you work out, maybe don't go to the gym with friends. If you find it to be a bore with no one to talk to, join a class. Don't force yourself through working out. Make it enjoyable. Well, as enjoyable as possible....

7.  Don't Let People Intimidate You

Sometimes, people confuse the gym with a locale to assert their dominance. It's bull$hit. Don't take it.

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8. Gym Phases Are A Thing

If you actually end up using your gym membership for the whole year, you'll experience "gym phases". One month you may go five times a week, the next you may go once every two weeks. It's just being human, so don't get discouraged. I'm convinced people who are able to keep up a solid gym schedule are aliens.

9. The Gym Ain't Everything

If you're in one of your low points of gym attendance, it's okay. People may try to make you feel bad about it. But they're just stroking their own ego. It's just as unhealthy to force yourself into a mentality where you feel obligated to go to the gym.

10. You Do You

Maybe your form isn't perfect, or you like listening to T-Swift when you lift weights. At the end of the day, you got yourself to the gym, and you should be proud of that. Anything you got to do to get through your 30 minutes of daily activity is your business. Keep on keeping on.

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