I don't know about all of you but I'm way too excited that it's summer right now. It's been a long winter and an overall long year honestly. Now that it's summer I feel like I can finally take a break and relax. 

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The best way to relax in the summertime is to take a well deserved vacation. You worked all year, or you slaved over the books in school, you deserve to treat yourself to some time away. 

If you have some vacation days saved up, book one of these flights for super cheap within North America and get out of the city ASAP. Enjoy your time off and have the best summer ever.

Flights Under $200 🛫 🏝

Flights Under $300 🛫 🏝

Flights Under $400 🛫 🏝

For More Things To Do In Montreal, Check The Links Below: 

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1. Toronto

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Price of Flight: $176 

Book this flight from November to February and you'll get this awesome deal! Flying to Toronto is honestly the best way to get there because it's literally an 1 hour and 10 minute flight. Enjoy doing toursity things like visiting the CN tower, kensington market and Queen Street West!

Check this link for more information. 

2. Quebec City

via @arquivodeviagem

Price of Flight: $84 

If you're heading to Quebec City for an escape from Montreal life, why not fly? It's a super cheap alternative if you don't have a car to drive, seeing as flights are less than $100! Get this deal for the rest of the summer and you'll be in Quebec City in 45 mins. 

Check this link for more information. 

3. New York City 

via @gigi.nyc

Price of Flight: $183 

You can get some great deals for flights to NYC if you keep your eye on the flight sites. There's a flight available right now leaving August 1st for only $183 and some others are just over $200! Soon you'll be in the big apple exploring all the amazing restaurants, tourist attractions and more. 

Click this link for more information. 

4. Phoenix

via @artakash

Price of Flight: $224

A flight to Phoenix right now is only slightly over $200 and is totally worth it. You can explore the dessert botanical garden, south mountain park, and all the amazing museums! 

Click this link for more information. 

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1. Washington, DC

via @sam_xbk

Price of Flight: $285 

From June to July you can get this awesome deal on a flight to Washington! Enjoy wandering around the capital of the United States and see some amazing sights like the capital buildings with amazing architecture!

Click this link for more information. 

2. Orlando

via @solaira1

Price of Flight: $277

This awesome deal on flights to Orlando is happening from June all the way until October! You can do some some super fun things in Orlando, like the classic Disney World. Feel like a child again on this vacation. 

Click this link for more information. 

3. Nashville 

via @nika.lynn17

Price of Flight: $274 

This deal is available only in October so plan your vacation days now! This is the city where country music was born so get ready to see tons of cowboy boots and guitars. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and the full-sized replica of the Parthenon.

Click this link for more information. 

4. Sarasota

via @chelseapossehl

Price of Flight: $278

Get this awesome deal for this entire summer from April to August! There's some awesome things to do in this city, like the Sarasota Jungle Gardens with flamingos and alligators, the Ringling Museum and the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens! 

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1. Vancouver 

via @vancouver_canada

Price of Flight: $391 

British Colombia is one of the best provinces in Canada because of all the stunning nature, mountains and city life it has. Luckily there's an awesome deal for flights to Vancouver this fall from October to November! 

Click this link for more information. 

2. Los Angeles 

via @alyssalvtr

Price of Flight: $384 

If you haven't been to LA yet then I'm sure you've been itching to go. LA is the heart of the entertainment industry, where you'll find celebrities on every street and high end stores and film studios. This amazing deal is happening this fall from September to November!

Click this link for more information. 

3. Philadelphia 

via @jamestownrevival

Price of Flight: $365

The city of Philadelphia is filled with cultural, historical and artistic landmarks, which makes it a super cool destination to visit. This awesome deal is roundtrip for under $400 this October! 

Click this link for more information. 

4. Las Vegas 

via @vegas

Price of Flight: $333 

You can now get a flight to Vegas from Montreal for less than $400! This deal is happening right now for August 3rd but there's other dates with awesome deals as well. Enjoy a weekend full of gambling, partying and super fun stuff you can only find in Vegas. 

Click this link for more information. 

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