There are some totally unique places to sleep in Quebec that most people probably have never heard of. There's hobbit houses, tipis, giant floating spheres, and rustic tree houses! 

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If you're someone like me who loves the outdoors but isn't thrilled about the idea of sleep on the ground in a tent that will feel like you're basically sleeping outdoors with no form of shelter from the elements, then an alternative is probably for you. 

The great thing about tree houses is that you'll have the perfect balance of being able to experience the wilderness and nature surrounding you but you'll have a roof above your head, a comfy bed to sleep in and some form of heat/air conditioning to keep you comfortable. 

If you're searching for a fun outdoor adventure this summer then you should definitely book one of these adorable tree houses ASAP! 

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1. Les Refuges Perchés, Mont Tremblant

via @refugesperches

5000 Chemin du Lac Caribou

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 37 mins 

Price Per Night: $109-$199 - depends on time of year 

Amenities: outdoor terrasse, fire pits, picnic table, semi-private dock, beds, and wood heating. 

2. Kabania, Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci

via @misstalbot22


Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 31 mins 

Price Per Night: $71-$175 - depends on size of cabin 

Amenities: beds, solar lighting, hammocks, wood burning stove, outdoor terrasse, and swings.

3. Les Toits du Monde, Nominingue 

via @ryansublimeee

Les Toits du Monde

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 8 mins

Price Per Night: $130 

Amenities: small kitchen, fireplace, bathroom, shower, outdoor terrasse, solar panel lighting. 

4. CIME Aventures, Gaspé

CIME Aventures

Distance From Montreal: 9 hours 30 mins 

Price Per Night: $120 

Amenities: private terrasse, private bathrooms, air conditioning and heating, mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker, parking. 

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5. Parc Aventures Cap Jaseaux, Saguenay Fjord

via @lopezsimon

via @une_olive

Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux 

Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 16 mins 

Price Per Night: $215-235 - depends on the season 

Amenities: BBQ, nearby water, beds, chairs, cutlery and utensils, unreal views! 

6. Au Diable Vert, Glen Sutton

via @mel_leis

Au Diable Vert

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 37 mins 

Price Per Night: $119-$179 

Amenities: nearby facilities, wood stove, solar panel lighting, outdoor picnic tables, BBQ 

7. Aventures Nord -Bec, Stoneham

Aventures Nord-Bec

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 3 mins 

Price Per Night: $140 

Amenities: showers, bathrooms, picnic tables, beds.

8. Le Chalets du Trappeur, Wentworth Nord

Le Chalets du Trappeur 

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 24 mins 

Price Per Night: $155 

Amenities: fully equipped kitchen, beds, access to spas, outdoor terrasse.

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9. Canopée Lit, Sacre Coeur 

via @alecsun

Canopee Lit

Distance From Montreal: 5 hours 58 mins 

Price Per Night: $155-220 - depends on season and size 

Amenities: electricity, fully equipped kitchenette, beds, BBQ 

10. Chimo Refuges, Saint Sauveur 

via @dalltri

Chimo Refuges

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour 7 mins 

Price Per Night: $105 

Amenities: community kitchen, showers, BBQ, picnic tables. 

11. Moose Meadow Lodge, Vermont

via @bhofficial

Moose Meadow Lodge

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 15 mins 

Price Per Night: $259 

Amenities: queen sized beds, private bathrooms, multiple floors, private shower, living room and dining area.

12. Vermont Tree Cabin

via @vermonttreecabin

Vermont Tree Cabin

Distance From Montreal: 2 hours 29 mins 

Price Per Night: $120

Amenities: small kitchenette, wifi, rustic hot tub, DVD player, TV, breakfast included, free parking. 

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